There are tens of millions of Americans who are, right now, thinking about their lives. All too many are focused on those things that didn’t go as planned; and an awful lot of those things have to do with money, jobs and education. We all want – and, in many cases, need – more money for ourselves and our families. We also know that a better job often helps address that first issue. And, like it or not, the third – education – is typically a key to both.

This is not how any of us intended to start out. Most of us had a goal; many a plan to get there. We knew what we wanted – even if we didn’t know what to do to make it a reality.

And then, the inevitable occurred: Life Happened.

Well, the time has come to revisit those plans and goals.  That’s why we created the platform. gives you the power to make Life Happen on your terms — putting you in charge of how you change your life, your job, your finances and your family.

Tell colleges, universities, career, professional or certificate programs who you are, what area of study interests you – or, perhaps more importantly, what area of study you need in order to get where you want to be – and what will help you move the needle to consider, apply and enroll. To act. To make Life Happen on your terms.

Our vision, strategy and execution are driven by expertise, experience and commitment to you.

  • Experts in higher education identified the need
  • Experienced digital media and marketing executives conceived the solution
  • As a company, we are committed to expanding your power to “raise your hands” and say “I’m interested!” in hopes of finding the right match.

While able to help anyone, our emphasis is on the specific needs of adult learners —  particularly those who are under-employed, under-educated or overwhelmed and need a hand being recognized by the right college or school at the right time with the right offerings.

We hope you’ll take this journey with us and try the platform. Just register online and describe what you need and are looking for – just use simple check marks – from subject to location (on-campus, near your home, online, etc.) to financial aid needs, and our matching technology will identify those schools who best meet your needs and goals.

No purchase is necessary. And we’ll never share your name or other personally identifiable information before a match is made and a school has told us they want to speak with you. If your interests or needs change at any time, you can review your personal profile and adjust them to meet your needs as that happens.

Watch this space for more information about us, our successes, and real world information. And connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.