As we’ve been known to say around – Life Happens. Stuff gets in the way and something – or somethings – just eludes us. Higher education is often atop that list for reasons we are all aware of: cost; loss of time; distractions; unplanned events; other priorities on a day to day basis.They are all real, human issues that truly stand between us and where we always hoped or thought we’d be. But, what if? What if you looked around – at your spouse and your children and your life – and just said YES?

  • YES, I do want to make my family happier
  • YES, I do want a better job and income;
  • And, surprise, YES I do want to teach my kids something they cannot learn anywhere else like they can from you.

Painful and time consuming as it may be, taking the leap back into higher education can help with all of that; but today we’re focusing on the last one. Being a role model like you may never have considered.

Look at what you do for a living – is it a job or a career? Is there a next step you want to take, but a certain degree or certificate standing in the way? Are there money issues in your life and/or relationships? Is the slouch you show in the morning on your way to work just a fraction of the stoop and sense of defeat that’s written all over your face when you come home?

Here’s an option: go back to school and finish what your started or dreamed of.

Enroll. Set specific, objective goals. Set a path for the future that benefits everyone you love. And then look around. Pay attention to your kid(s). You’ll be modelling behavior and consideration and objective actions that your children will not only hear about – trust me, you’ll shout with frustration, aggravation and sheer exhaustion – but may very well emulate.

It may not happen in real time – grades won’t suddenly erupt, attendance won’t impossibly become perfect, attitude won’t shift overnight –but it will. A bounce in the step is highly contagious. Success breeds success. Hard work happens between your ears as well as with your hands.  Your success is their success. Your hard work is their role model.

Become living truth that it CAN be done…and that higher education is, indeed, one of those few things that allow you to manage Life Happens on your terms…and help prepare and influence your children for the planned and the unexpected.