So, Flatiron School surveyed a bunch of young adults about how they see and value their higher education experience and perspective.

Guess what? You could have told me the results without spending the time and money they did.

Over 2/3’s of respondents said they’d go back to school – for a new degree or a certificate or credential to advance their career – if it “guarantees” a higher-paying job.

Gee. What a stunning discovery.

Here’s an interesting one: about 60% said they were satisfied with the way college prepared them to enter the workforce. That’s NOT an overwhelmingly positive takeaway. Why invest tens of tens of thousands of dollars and only be 60% happy with the outcome as far as it prepares you for a job. Not very impressive.

And why did people not finish or attend postsecondary school – personal issues or costs. Oh, my!

Around here at we call that Life Happens – and once again it’s been proven as the reason people opt out of what’s best for them. Around 60% also said student debt wasn’t a problem. That’s a rare, positive number – but look at it the way we do: if 10 million-plus people are in higher education and 40% fear or are weighed down with student debt…that’s four million people! All of a sudden, 60% isn’t so impressive, is it?

Oh, and in all their announcements and reports, Flatiron forgot (chose not to) to mention that they are dedicated to computer software coding. What does that mean? It’s a professional school that should have a 100% satisfaction and success rate. Oooops!!!

By the way, that is, in fact, 100% of the reason we created We are the first matching platform in higher education, with a particular benefit to adults. Our registrants come from any walk of life, are interested in anything from teaching to nursing to law to computer coding get to declare what they want to study, where and how they want to learn (campus, online, some combination) and what financial incentives will get them to enrol.

I think that’s why some folks call us Match or Tinder for students and schools – just easier…no swiping!

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