What’s the point of going back to school? Money? Career? Family? Curiosity? All of the above?

www.WhatsBestforMe.com can do a lot of things for you: we can help you identify what’s important; we were built to give you a platform through which you can communicate directly with schools who have told us that they are looking for people like you to join their ranks; we can help you tell them what matters – from area of study to financial aid.

But we cannot tell them why you are doing it. That’s all on you.

We all know s**t happens – we call it Life Happens around here – and the plans you started with often do not work out the way you hoped. We also know that going back to school – the thought of which is kind of like that terrible tasting medicine your mom used to pour down your throat – is often a path back. There are lots of reasons…school’s hard, family hardships, sudden additions to the family…and we also know that once in those trenches it’s awfully hard to see your way out.

Which is why we built our platform. And why colleges, universities, trade, career and professional certification programs come to us to find you. As far as we are concerned we take our relationship with you about as seriously as a heart attack. We came to life to help; to give you a megaphone that will help you be heard above the crowd, with certain requests and needs.

Which brings us back to the original question: Why go back to school?

For many of us, the personal accomplishment of paying the bills and having a little left over for a special Saturday Night is all we can muster. It’s an exhausting existence. And, yet, www.WhatsBestforMe.com is designed to breathe some new energy into your lungs and lives. You need that megaphone – but even more, you need an ally to change the paradigm. Some jobs need specific credentials for promotions? Some industries need you to learn something all-new in order to take advantage of their opportunities. Sometimes you’ve just had it and need a way out.

For all of our lives, schools have held the upper hand. They reached out, blindly to virtually anyone. They controlled what you learned and how your learned it. They set the rules of the game…and own the ball and field on which it is played.

When we tell you that we are changing that, it’s true. And there’s a reason.

Power has to shift. The see-saw has to be balanced. The ying has to equal the yang. And that’s where today’s question comes in. Why go back to school?

When you can answer it for yourself then you can tell the schools what you want and demand; what you would like and what might be nice. You never really had that opportunity before – to take control, shift the balance toward Life Happens for you instead of to you…and to know that what you are doing is Best for You.