Whether you take this list and make it your holiday wish list, white elephant, or you gift a thing or two to someone else, here are some practical yet enjoyable gifts to get college students through the school year. But you’ll probably want to keep everything for yourself.


Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Candle

Candles are a great gift for anyone. They smell nice, look good on a table, and will probably last all year. Sit back and unwind with a candle like Bath and Body Works Stress Relief candle after a long day of work and school.


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Get it at http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/ or Amazon


The perfect bag

The perfect bag is a versatile one what gets you from work to class to other activities without having that “what did I forget” moment. Bags are great gifts because they can be inexpensive or expensive depending on brands and are always useful.

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Coffee is the key to success. Or at least that’s how I think the saying goes… Coffee is a great gift because it comes in so many delicious flavors and the smell will warm up your whole house. Throw in a mug with the school’s logo for presentation.

Try this coffee subscription box from The Bean Box


Planners and highlighters

A planner can sound a little boring at first, but with all the different types and designs they have now staying organized has never been more fun. For the creative type, consider the Bullet Journal. It allows for total creative freedom. If you like your planners already set up for you check out all the exciting designs. Highlighters and colored pens make checking off your to-do list seem more accomplishing too.

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With the world going digital an iPad or Kindle is a useful gift if you give that students can use in class to take notes or get their textbooks on. They’re lightweight and portable so taking them to class isn’t a hassle.

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Amazon gift card/prime

Ahhh the gift of prime. Two-day shipping makes getting what you need but mostly want, fast. Especially for the holidays. Amazon has an endless array of products, including textbooks and textbook rentals.  You can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card or a prime membership… P.S. Amazon prime for students offers a discounted rate.

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A sentimental momentum

A framed photo from graduation, a frame for their diploma, a shadowbox full of memories. Homemade gifts or gifts from the heart can go a long way.

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Money and gift cards

Let’s face it when all else fails, or you totally forgot to get a gift, money is the best gift. It gives freedom to the recipient and it’s something a lot of us could always use more of. Whether you give them cash. Gas cards and gift cards to their favorite stores so they can buy themselves a nice interview outfit or that cozy study blanket.