So last week we hit a nerve. This is just one of several comments we received to our Facebook ads. Let me say that again, THIS IS A COMMENT TO AN AD.


Don’t see many of those. You either engage or not. But to get someone to look at the ad in their newsfeed, take the time to think about it and then post a comment means something. And, to see it happen several times in the same week set off alarm bells.


It appears that prospective students – either in the market to get a higher education, already there or having given up on becoming one – are wondering how to justify the investment in higher education. “…if they needed you so bad why costs keep going up every year…”?


And, you know what: they are right.


If schools are running out of students and have to bend over backwards to attract them – spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to start a conversation or consideration – how come they all say they have scholarship and grant money? If colleges and professional/trade schools are at risk of going out of business because they are running out of students, how do they keep promoting financial aid packages?

And, what does that mean to me/you?


First answer is: the government…whether the Secretary of Education likes it or not, there’s lots of aid and scholarship money available.


Second answer is a question: what else would you like them to do? If a school is facing extinction, shouldn’t they be able to discount tuition to attract new students? Wouldn’t you rather be operating at a deficit than shut down?


Third answer is: EVERYTHING. You have to pay attention to learn. You have to consider your circumstances to make the right decision. And, you have to ask to get it.


These are some of the reasons that we built The value of an education is sometimes a little nebulous. Do I really need this to get where I’m going? Debt…Time…these are expensive investments.


Generally the answer is yes and no (sorry).


We do need education – but it has to be ‘proper’…which means appropriate to you and your situation. No need for a BA to be an aesthetician or a tradesman or other trained worker; but a certificate and a license are required and both need training. At the same time, the cop who wants to be a Sergeant may need a BA to get that promotion; as will the Sergeant who needs an MA to get that coveted Lieutenant bump. An RN needs a BS in Nursing to get head; and a BS in Nursing typically needs an MS to move forward.


So, we get it. But we also built this platform so you can, too. Register so schools know you are there and tell them that you want to hear from them. Be certain to ask for scholarships, grants and other aid on your registration and profile in And ask the schools that reach out to you what they can do for you – so you don’t feel like you are holding the short straw. Invest the time now to take control over the process going forward.