We’re often asked why we created www.WhatsBestforMe.com. What is it about the current system of students choosing schools – and schools selecting students – that needs an overhaul?

Well, thankfully, The Wall Street Journal and trade publication Education Dive just published an almost verbatim version of our answers.

  • It seems that someone just noticed that more college students are 24 years old or older!
  • Most of those surprisingly older (read: non-traditional) students are part-timers!
  • And non-selective, tier one schools are more often than not the higher education institution of choice!

Well, if you follow us (and thanks for that!), then you’ve heard us talk about all three of those points. It’s nice to know that a higher education trade publication just noticed the obvious.

But there’s a greater disconnect that they missed in this article.

  • Career Advancement is one of the two top reasons these people are in college
  • These are real-life jugglers – managing work, spouse, children, under-compensation and an aging parent population that increasingly need help – and few if any schools are equipped to help
  • Prospective students need more control in the review, consideration, application, financing and enrollment process

It is that last point that is really our wheelhouse; we level the playing field by giving students an opportunity to specify what they want and need. That means: where to study; what to study; when to study; and how to pay for their higher education.

So, what’s the takeaway?

  • Schools are often well behind the needs and realities facing their students
  • Postsecondary Education is an industry that needs to wake up and focus on their “customers” (students) more than any other issue
  • Students have choices and we’re giving them the most-powerful one in the market.

Read the articles for yourself…then head to https://my.whatsbestforme.com/web/student/register and take some control, get accepted to the school that best meets your needs, and demand the financial aid you need…and they happen to have to hang around waiting for you to ask.

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