Forget politics. This isn’t about that. This is about morality and reality and how they intersect.

Recently, at the CPAC conference, Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Cook took to the stage to claim that giving money to America’s institutions of higher education is tantamount to funding “the destruction of Western Civilization.”

Let me say that again, America’s foremost conservative political conference greeted Mr. Cook with applause when he complained that the US government’s funding of higher education represents “THE DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION.”

Cook’s argument, as hyperbolic as it is, was that safe spaces, free speech restrictions and a general move toward snowflake appeasement are bad for the country and that federal dollars are supporting Schools’ migration from bastions of free speech to communes of closed-ness.

But, c’mon! Federal support of college campuses as enhancing and speeding the decline of Western Civilization? Really?!!

So, Mr. Cook, let’s start with your group. You claim to have chapters of your hyper-conservative group on more than 300 campuses nationwide and that you generated over $5 million in revenues from them.

Let’s see what happens if the feds cut their funding to your 300 host institutions. Let’s shut the spigot to your poster-child campuses: Michigan’s Hillsdale College and Pennsylvania’s Grove City College.

Let’s see how that works out for the hundreds and hundreds of students who would be affected. And, when they complain, we’ll just point to you and say: well, these are your favorite conservative safe spaces…your save them.