I have student debt. Actually, my daughter does. And lots of it. To hear President Trump talk about it, we needed an intervention. To protect ourselves from….ourselves.

With all due respect, Mr. President (and you know nothing good every follows ‘with all due respect’) your gold-plated teething spoon has clouded your vision. My daughter and the millions of students that came before and after and have been saddled with debt, do not need a government intervention into what schools to attend or how much to pay.  No! They (we) could, however, use a hand in REDUCING THE COST OF HIGHER EDUCATION.

That’s an intervention I’d actually pay to see.

Schools are facing pricing pressures. We get that. Schools are seeing income pressure. We get that too. As such, schools say they have only so many choices: reduce enrollment; reduce services, raise prices; generate revenue from new, alternative sources. And yet, the value that providers of postsecondary education have a task that’s as or more important today than at any time in our national history. We have more than a generation of adults who need more learning…professional, career, academic, life-enhancing education…than at virtually any time in our national history.

While decrying foreign workers and former manual laborers needing retraining, our President and Secretary of Education say that the government should distance itself from helping; helping to pay and helping to actually provide the education and skills they say we need most.  The President of Dillard College agrees with the administration, writing recently that he thinks students need protection from themselves and goes so far as to blame students and families for their lack of control.

There is no question that we’re borrowing too much money to pay for higher education. But blaming the student is like blaming the hen when the wolf visits the henhouse. The system is broken and the current administration needs to act rather than point fingers. A problem is today; a solution could be forever.

Victim shaming, of all kinds, should be outlawed.