Back to College time is returning and that means colleges are pulling out all the stops to convince former enrollees to come back.


The promise is common: Lifestyle Benefits. Long-term advantages. Career advancements. New jobs.


The pitch is, too: Look out for that direct mail piece. Wait for the radio or TV spot. See the internet ad. Read an article, anywhere. Expect a deluge of calls from the school you ran away from in the first place.


And yet, far too few are using the most important tool – your stated needs and desires. Who is really listening to social media for comments, trends and clues; clear explanations of what the decision to return means; and finally, register with and tell them exactly what you want.


What degree or certification do you want? Do you need to study primarily online (with occasional campus events) because you have little to no time after working your day job and taking care of your children? Are you a military household and entitled to benefits? Are other scholarships or financial benefits important to you? Do you know what you want to study?


If all that information is in one place, schools can reach out with the right message for the right person at the right time.


Today, there is only one way to do that: Schools come to us and ask for you – an online-plus-campus student in and around Columbus, OH looking to study pharmacy or law enforcement with an absolute need for scholarship and/or aid – and we make the connection.


So, while many schools are using old world methods to woo you; the smart ones are giving you the power so they can respond to your needs and requirements.


Feel free to ignore the glossy postcard now.