So, there was this educational juggernaut of the aughts called Strayer University. It was a for-profit higher education business with over 80 campuses opened and operating between 2000 and 2013. Then it all froze. The Department of Education made seismic changes and Strayer was shaken to its core.

Fast forward five years. There’s a new sheriff in town (Donald Trump) and a Department of  Education with new priorities, leadership, and intent. For-profit schools are beginning to get a second life (no video game pun intended). Strayer will be one of the most aggressive. That’s what they were built to be.

And yet, this is not intended to be a review of the occupants of the White House, DoE or Strayer’s executive suite. It is about the ‘for-profit’ argument.

Why do you care? If the institution is accredited; if the institution is financially able to deliver on its promise to you; if the institution is academically able to deliver on its promise to you — why would you give a damn who owns it, how it’s accounting systems work or any other internal management issues?

With the resurgence of Strayer and other, similarly-situated schools designed to deliver BOTH a product (education) and a profit (well…yeah…a profit) come new possible risks and opportunities. But they have NOTHING to do with ownership. They actually have the same issues as any community college, research university or trade school.

Do they meet your needs? Do they reach your expectations? Will they be in business tomorrow or a year from tomorrow? Are they ready, willing and able to provide the financial aid and benefits you require? Will they provide the structure, information, and direction you need to capitalize on the investment? Can they help you get a job? Is there a system in place to HELP ME (daycare, nighttime classes, professional, trade or vocational classes)? These are the questions people ask…not, ‘gee, is it a charity?’

Use to register and let schools come to you. And notice that we do NOT ask you to tell us whether you want – or even care about – attending a for-profit school. It’s not germane to getting an education, getting a job and getting ahead…unless it is. But, again, that’s no different than the state- or county-run community college a few miles down the road from your home or work.