“Zero-sum is a situation in which one person’s gain is equivalent to another’s loss, so the net change is zero. A zero-sum game may have as few as two players or an infinite number of participants (think the entire country, industry or world)” – source: www.WhatsBestforMe.com


Just because you didn’t get on the career path that you wanted doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you now. Just because someone else got on that train doesn’t mean there isn’t a ticket waiting or you. And, as you know, as far as we are concerned, after high school– whether you do it immediately after graduation or 25 years later – education is key to that golden ducat.


This is particularly true if traditional education isn’t for you. The role of apprenticeships and professional/career education couldn’t be more timely or valuable. Whether you want to be a medical technician, HVAC certified repair person or commercial pilot, demand is significant enough to allow those dreams to come true. As specialized careers grow in importance, specialized training grows with it. A traditional Liberal Arts degree may not get you where you want to be – today or at any time since you left high school – and now is the time to act and claim your brass ring.


Don’t let your relatives or so-called friends talk it down – the path to a career isn’t always straight and may not include a traditional 4-year college.


You’ve always loved working with your hands; now’s the time to think about moving from repairman to certified technician. Seeing the world is what you always wanted; it’s not too late to train to sit in the cockpit of a non-passenger jet. Think autonomous cars are a way off: image how far away commercial drones are from flying over America’s towns and cities.


These are all growth areas. That they match your interests and goals is a plus. But just because you didn’t make the move – or finish the trip – doesn’t mean you can’t now. Life is not a zero-sum game – our economy needs more certified technicians in medical, automotive or HVAC. That means the train may have left the station, but there’s a stop just ahead of where you can climb aboard. Careers are trained, not made, and that may not include traditional college.