There are days, we all have them when we just want to pull the covers up over our head and pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist.


We are tired. Our kids are tiresome. Our boss is…well…our boss. Clothes need cleaning, tabletops need wiping dinner needs making, school lunches need packing…the list goes on forever. And, for single parents in particular, just double the stress, double the work, and half the fun.


Wouldn’t it be nice – short of getting an invite into Tinder for Millionaires – if you could change some of that?


There is one sure-fire way, and it sucks…until it doesn’t.


Go back to school. Get a certificate in a medical service area or HVAC repair. Finish your AA and move on to a BA – folks with bachelor’s degrees earn significantly more. Ask your boss what you need to do to move ahead – I assure you ‘more education’ will be among the top two or three items on her list.


I know. You already have one job. And, as a single parent, that means missing too much of the good stuff with your kids. Many carry two jobs plus a full parenting load – and that’s really a mess. But this ‘more education’ route will help you shorten the workweek, limit the workload and swell your paycheck.


In the 2018 and beyond, the concept of online education will make this a whole lot easier. Choose schools that serve you’re – not the other way around. Study online. Learn what you want or need. Set your own ‘class’ hours. Show your kids that it can be done.


Best way to get started? Register at Tell schools what you want from them: where you want to study, what you want to learn, what kind of degree or certificate you want, and even how important scholarships and other forms of financial aid are to you.


And then let them come to you – don’t take on a new job looking for a school…that’s their job!