“…online education has helped to suppress the tuition prices adult students are paying, and that colleges that enroll many students online are significantly increasing access to higher education for adult students. But the data also show that students at those institutions graduate at sharply lower rates than do those at institutions where in-person and blended modes of learning dominate.”


Let’s review, shall we? More and more adults are signing up for classes and degree-granting programs that are delivered online. More and more money is flooding into the schools (professional, certificate, academic) based on federal and state resources. AND YET THE OUTCOMES ARE DECLINING!


Think about that for a moment. More people. More money. More failure.


Who’s to blame?  Is it the student who has agreed to allocate time and resources to improve their lives? Could it be the financial programs being made available? Or, is it too much of higher education?


Don’t blame the victim. Don’t blame stupid money. It’s time for many in higher education to finally admit they unprepared to engage online adults to keep them interested, involved and succeeding.


Their survival relies on getting this right. The success of our families relies on schools’ getting this right. Frankly, the growth of our economy (and country) will have a very strong correlation to getting this right.


Recommendation: postsecondary schools invest no less than 25% of their total budget to getting this fundamental failure to risk going out of business, injuring millions of adults who rely on them to keep and advance their jobs and stagnating a nation based on the digital economy and no longer on the industrial revolution.