Dear America – Fear is sometimes a good thing. It can motivate. It can force innovation. It can impose controls. But, other times, it’s just a big waste of time.

Here’s an example of both.

This technology-finance focused site spends a lot of time looking at the future. This section is a recurring nightmare for some…and a beacon of opportunity for others. It’s called AI Weekly, and is, as you might guess, a weekly look at Artificial Intelligence innovation, development and impact.

This week, they are trying to allay fears that the rise of AI or ML (machine learning) will destroy America’s working middle class because, well…computers can do your jobs.

NO, THEY CANNOT. You can do theirs’ – or at least participate in the process of creating and assembling the future. No matter how much education you may have.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Ph.D. or an AA or a Certificate in medical office management, you can and must prepare to be part of the rise of the machines (yes, that is intended to scare the bejesus out of you).

Demand for hands-on work will never disappear – AI cannot repair a transmission…but it can help pinpoint exactly what’s wrong and give you a map to a solution. But staying current with the technologies that are disrupting your industry (now or targeted) is mandatory for all of us.

While there are computer folks who believe they can use AI and ML to create this blog post, I beg to differ. Sure, they can dump “the facts” in your lap…but make it understandable? I don’t think so.

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