Well, it happened. The Trump Administration, in the person of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, has decided the time has come to remove responsibility and accountability in the for-profit sector of higher education.


For-profit postsecondary schools may no longer be expected – nay, required — to prove that the students they enroll and charge are able to attain decent-paying jobs. While I have often referred to students as college customers, the concept of Caveat Emptor never really entered the picture. It appears that, while Mrs. DeVos may not understand that phrase – it means Buyer Beware – she isn’t intellectually curious enough to find out.


And that’s a big part of the problem.


This simple requirement, which played a large part in policing and putting safeguards in place to support and protect students from being preyed upon by unscrupulous enterprises, is another regulation enacted during the Obama era that the Trump Administration has decided it is either unnecessary or onerous.


Politics and politicians aren’t the specific problems here. Political parties, while related in consideration, are not the problem either. People are. People who destroy the lives of other people by over-charging for an inadequate education that fails to prepare them for much of anything other than a life of debt.


At www.WhatsBestforMe.com – and our close relative, www.BestValueColleges.org  – our intent is to work exclusively with institutions that give a damn about students and outcomes and pricing and levels of debt and a truly valuable education. It doesn’t matter if schools are for-profit or non-profit; what matter is that they be held to count for their educational and business practices.


Our commitment to you is to stand up for you; to work with institutions that we deem appropriate and accountable.


Here’s a way to look at it: none of us will promote a school that we wouldn’t allow our spouses or children or siblings to attend.


So, if you’re 18 or 58, you now have one more thing to worry about – that the current administration is lessening the importance of accreditors and removing from schools their requirements to perform, prepare and protect you.


If you count on us to help you find your way to a college or university or certificate or professional training program, we pledge not to turn our back on morals or morality. If the federal government won’t, hopefully you’ll trust that we won’t sell you out.