Who We Are

We are a team of experts from the worlds of higher education, business and digital media. Our mission is clear and simple: To refine one of the most expensive, time-consuming and out-of-date processes in postsecondary education by creating an integrated platform that works for schools and students.

An Open Letter from Our Founder:
Why We Started WhatsBestforMe.com

We created WhatsBestforMe.com to reduce the frustration that prospective students face on a daily basis.

One of the first things we did was talk with people thinking about entering colleges, professional schools or certificate programs, changing careers, even switching their schools about their greatest frustrations. The second thing we did was talk with postsecondary schools about their pain points in identifying, recruiting and enrolling students that make the most sense for them.

The result is an integrated platform – WhatsBestforMe.com for students and the school-facing CollegeLeadExchange.com.

For example, government data tells us that tens of millions of people are actively considering a life change – career, family, financial or educational – and many need a way to connect with the school that best matches their interests, skills, strengths, goals and dreams to get the degree or professional certification they need or want. And, yet, despite the size of this clear, intent-based economy, both schools and prospective students – the process just isn’t working for either side.

Our platform addresses these challenges. We help reduce the time, expense and fear felt by prospective students and the inefficiencies, redundancies and, frankly, outdated approaches to recruitment and communication that frustrate school leaders and executives.

Frankly, if this had existed during my tenure as Chairman and CEO of Andrew Jackson University I would have been the first to sign on.

L. Joseph SchmokeFounder and CEO, University Research & Review LLC

Our Executive Team

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