Higher education must not leave working families behind

Posted on September 20, 2019

“The promise of education in America is a promise of opportunity. A promise that education — especially higher education — can offer a pathway to the middle class and an opportunity to build a successful life for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. The unfortunate reality, though, is that our higher education system isn’t delivering on that promise of opportunity for far too many families, particularly those who choose to pursue career-focused learning in fields that require less than a four-year degree. A major barrier is the bias against working students in our current federal financial aid system.” Continue reading

What are the benefits of going to college while in the military?

Posted on September 12, 2019

“In the past, military personnel would waste a lot of their spare time doing stuff like reading magazines and playing card games in the barracks. Nowadays, this has changed. Currently, there are more uniformed men and women using their free time to educate themselves than ever before. There has been a lot of praise when it comes to the efficiency of online study, and military personnel are taking advantage of this. An online degree provides the military student with a highly regarded qualification that can be used in the future. It also gives them something to do with their spare time. Online degrees provide a unique and flexible method of education and can be accessed from all over the world. When you think about it, taking on a college course online while you’ve still got your uniform on makes a lot of sense.” Continue reading

Who’s Getting Online MBAs May Surprise You

Posted on September 11, 2019

“Learn on Monday. Apply on Tuesday.”

“That’s how the Jack Welch Management Institute frames its online MBA program. The slogan has it all: imagery, balance and contrast. More importantly, it represents a certain truth that resonates with Dr. Michael Silverman.  A 50-year-old emergency room M.D. in New Jersey, Silverman describes himself as a “fixer.” He holds three board certifications, along with serving as vice chair of the emergency department and treasurer for his center’s medical staff. However, these achievements pale in comparison to his biggest accolade: “Educator of the Year” in his center’s residency program. In an online MBA program, Silverman switched places and became the resident, testing out what he was learning for an immediate return and reinforcement. “ Continue reading

Does College Still Pay? Seven New Rules For Making A Good College Choice

Posted on September 10, 2019

“On average, a college degree still offers a wage premium says a new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. But those averages hide an ugly story of inflated costs, diminishing returns and a widespread worst-case scenario—debt with no degree.  Dizzying choices are making things worse: the employment landscape is complex, dynamic, and localized. And while some colleges are closing, there are more postsecondary options than ever for people young and old to consider.” Continue reading

When US education policy limits a veterans’ ability to get an education

Posted on August 30, 2019

“A drive to protect veterans and members of the Reserve and National Guard, originating with misplaced bias against for-profit schools, will gut options for these patriots when they try to use their GI Bill to get a useful education. That’s the impression one could reach upon examining the federal government’s campaign to hobble the ability of “proprietary” for-profit schools to enroll GI Bill-wielding applicants.” Continue reading

FOX NEWS Mocks Student Loan Borrowers, Warns Taxpayers Will be Forced to Pay ‘Hundreds of Billions’ In College Debt

Posted on August 28, 2019

“Fox & Friends warned that the U.S. is close to “free college for all” Thursday in a segment ridiculing student loan borrowers and cautioning taxpayers they’ll be “on the hook” for young Americans’ desire to receive an education. Co-host Steve Doocy was joined by Brian Brenberg, executive vice president and chair at New York’s King’s College, as the pair mocked student loan borrowers and warned that Americans will soon be forced to pay off “hundreds of billions of dollars” in other people’s student loan defaults. The Thursday morning Fox News crew put out a segment, “Student Debt Threat,” which claimed the mainstream media is trying to create a recession to make President Donald Trump look bad while ignoring the real economic crisis: student loan borrowing.” Continue reading

‘I Need A Degree In Order To Move Forward’: Why Some Adults Choose College

Posted on August 27, 2019

“A new father trying to provide for his family. A grandmother finishing what she started more than four decades ago. A man navigating multiple schools, hidden curriculums and financial hurdles. These are just some of the older students working toward a degree in the U.S. The majority of today’s college students have characteristics that describe them as “nontraditional”: They work; they’re raising children; they’re not coming straight from high school. And while some just take a couple-year detour to make money or care for family, others are going back far later in life.” Continue reading

Facing Your Fears: Adults Returning to College

Posted on August 19, 2019

“Going back to college can be an intimidating decision, especially for an adult learner. The pathway for an adult learner is often filled with fear of the unknown – Will I be able to afford this? How much time will it take, and will it be convenient? Will I receive enough support?
As an adult learner, life priorities are certainly different compared to that of a traditional 18-year-old student. Life is more chaotic with balancing full-time jobs, families and everyday life expenses, so when it comes to going back to school, the thought can be more stressful than exciting.” Continue reading

Report Examines How Online For-Profit Institutions Impact Vulnerable Students

Posted on August 16, 2019

“Online programs provided by for-profit institutions focus their marketing and recruitment strategies toward vulnerable students who are low-income, African-American, veterans, women and are over the age of 25. That’s the findings from a new report by the Center for Responsible Learning (CRL), that assesses how these programs have affected minority groups and what attracted them to online learning.” Continue reading